Intercultural Business Seminar Week in Switzerland


The focus of the Intercultural Business Seminar Week is providing a great platform where experts from Swiss industries will come and share their knowledge with students and other interested parties.

During that intensive seminar week, participants will be able to learn about the examined countries with respect to the business environment and challenges faced by the countries or regions.

The synergies should be used as much as possible: participants have the flexibility to choose their favorites topics from different themes, namely Insight China, Focus India, explore ASEAN and connect Us.


Insight China:

Focus India:




The agenda is as follows:


19 to 23 February 2018


University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Campus Brugg-Windisch

Bahnhofstrasse 6

5210 Brugg, Switzerland


Enclosed you can find the programme booklet for your reference. Further information on projects and activities, can be found at: .


Lecturers and students from UEH are warmly welcome to participate in this programme.

We strongly believe that all participants will benefit tremendously from this intensive seminar week.