Application for International Summer School from the University of Würzburg


The Faculty of Business Management and Economics of the University of Würzburg is in the course of organizing two digital summer schools this July (18-26 July) and we just decided to offer both of them online:

Since the whole year of the pandemic has been so difficult for all universities around the world, especially in terms of international mobilities, we decided to address universites that we cooperate with to ask very good students from the fields of business management, economics or information systems, if they would like to attend one of our summer schools and get a scholarship from us. The modules are designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in international economics, international management or information systems. Prerequisite is good command of English. We would like to offer these students full scholarships so that the attendance in our summer programmes would be free. After having completed the summer school they will receive from our university (Bavarian high school insitution) a certificate of attendance and a graded Transcript (5 ECTS points) in the field they have chosen. The costs will be fully covered by us.

This proposal is an exclusive offer financially supported by our university in the summer semester 2021. The earlier the students apply, the better their chances are to be granted a scholarship. If you prefer selecting your students yourself, please feel free to do so and send us then nominations of students (additionally to the regular numbers of exchange students) who we will inform about the next steps. Here the link to our application platform:

Application deadline: March 31, 2021